Perfect for these situations
  • For the elderly and those with mobility impairment - Prevent them making fruitless trips to check an empty Postbox.
  • Long driveways - save those walks back down the driveway or the need to get out of your car to check your Postbox.
  • Retrieve and secure credit card, bank and retirement statements before they get into the wrong hands.
  • When you are inside your home and waiting for the mail - go to the front door with your smartphone and you will know if mail arrived (more useful when its raining and you don't fancy that walk outside in the cold).
  • Extreme temperatures or just pure laziness.
Never Open An Empty Postbox Again!

The Postbox has been around for centuries. We check them every day before entering the comfort of our home, apartment or flat and far too often find it's empty. Postifier is about to change all that; by turning your current everyday Postbox into a smart Postbox and bringing it into the 21st century.

Postifier was designed to provide the solution to those pointless frustrating walks to your Postbox and back, empty handed. With smartphones as popular as ever we developed a device which sends an notification to your smartphone if mail arrived during the day.

  • Postifier supports iOS and Android
  • Uses Bluetooth SMART (Low Energy)
  • Has a battery life over 9 months (Usage dependant)
  • Average pairing range of 30metres or 100feet